About Us

jMO-FIT originated in Mount Clemens, MI with a vision of helping communities to attain a healthy lifestyle through fitness in 2016. 

Jason Monk II, our founder, designed our company with the intent to impact every person that our staff comes in contact with by educating clients on beginning or continuing their fitness journey. Several years later, after building a solid in-person and online client base in Michigan, our company moved to Minnesota to continue our vision and to impact more lives with health and wellness. After building another solid client base from a garage in Maple Grove, our next destination was to move into Uptown. From there, we expanded to an even larger space in Edina, our current location. 

Our location in Edina has allowed us to provide a bigger space for more equipment, group classes, and events. Our gym gives an intimate feel, while providing quality equipment and amenities. We offer 1 on 1 personal training, group training, networking events, apparel and more. Please contact us to start your journey with jMO-FIT today! 


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